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3M to midnight

Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Indesign 


In collaboration with Lipor we have decided to create an advertising campaign to raise awareness of energy expenditure and, consequently, increase global warming.

The outdoors have a message with the light of the day and other at night. 

Our base concept was Cinderela, which loses her magic at midnight. Instead of a crystal shoe we have a crystal world. 
At night, the poster shows that the crystal world is already cracked (showing the consequences of our acts if we do not act quickly) and has a warning to people: TURN OFF THE LIGHT.

In addition, and since children are the future, we plan to build a children's book with an ecological message, once again alerting to energy consumption, where all the pages can also be seen in the dark, since they will also be painted with phosphorescent pigment.



In collaboration with Rita Campos.

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